Turn Visitors into Neighbors

Imagine what you could do with your manufactured home dealership or community if you worked with a lender that offers lightning-fast and convenient home loans.

That’s the power of an autoMHatic partnership.

The Power of an autoMHatic Partnership

Our programs leverage speed, service and technology to turn visitors into neighbors. autoMHatic loans makes it easy for people to move into their homes or communities as quickly as possible. You’ll love working with us because it takes the hassle out of financing and decisions.

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Some words from happy Partners

“I like the speed and shorter time to get clear to close. This is a HUGE opportunity for us.”

Community Owner

"The speedy decision is a game-changer!"

Dealership Manager

“No more waiting two days for approvals and letting customers leave without a commitment.”

Dealership Manager
South Carolina

Let’s talk about our Partnership Program

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